2X4 Construction is a local, family owned, full-service construction and remodeling company. Our vision is to create a construction company with high integrity and quality of work, in an industry where that can be difficult to find. We’ve slowly but surely earned the confidence of many local homeowners, and are so grateful for their willingness to work with us, as well as the vast word of mouth business we have been able to earn, thanks to all of you!


We are a family-owned local general construction business which specializes in kitchen and bathroom remodeling. Our business is built on the backs of our community from our very first job, to your next job, we proudly serve our community through our home improvement work.

We have a team of professional designers and builders who will show up at your doorstep with a smile on their face, ready to over-deliver. We believe great communication is the key to great results. We provide affordable Remodeling and general Construction Services that our clients brag about. 2×4 also loves our local business owners. And for this reason, we provide both Residential and Commercial Services. We would love to help you take that leap and finally invest in those Home Improvement services that you and your family deserve.


2×4 is a locally-owned, family run company. We are extremely proud to serve our community through our remodeling and general construction work. We love the residents of Texas and we also love our local business owners. So, of course we offer Commercial Services. Yes, 2×4 has both residential and Commercial Services. And we are here to help when your hands are tied or when you don’t want them to be tied. It is said that communication is the key to success and we agree.

We listen to your needs from first call and this ensures successful project results every time. If you have a project in mind or upcoming work that needs handled, contact us today either via phone or through our super easy online contact form. We are here to help.


2×4 has a team of professional designers and builders ready to give your house the face lift you’ve been wanting. We are proud to serve our community and we are also love to help our local business owners. We offer a wide range of interior and exterior Home Services. Both commercial and residential. We listen to all of your needs from First Call. We believe that communication is the secret to success in our work’s results. We can work with almost any budget. Our goal is to stretch your dollar as far as possible and provide the highest level of quality for every budget.

If you have been considering a home renovation project, The Next Step for that to happen would be to give us a call. So, if you have any questions for our team, give us a call anytime. Or, if you are looking for an estimate, use our easy online estimate tool to schedule your free estimate today. We look forward to hearing from you.


Our successful results stem from our successful communication. Communication is the secret to any successful project. From the first call we listen to you and all of your needs. Our professional Builders and designers are here to help you with your project but they are also here to hear your thoughts, suggestions and your opinions. Because, they matter. We can work with a wide range of budgets and we ensure that we squeeze every penny so you get the best, for Less. We love our clients and they love our work.

Once the project is complete, you will love the results. Our contractors are just your standard friendly, professional people. it’s important to mention, because you don’t I want strangers working in your home. Our staff is professional, kind, trained and insured. So, if you have any questions give us a call today. Or, if you are looking for an estimate, use our easy online estimate tool.

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2×4 proudly serves the local community with high-quality, fair priced Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling Services. We also offer a wide range of interior and exterior services. No job is too big or too small. Questions? Contact us anytime.

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